About the Tours

– Capture the City –

A Photographic Tour of NYC by Sascha Reinking

Grab your favorite camera and get ready to experience the true spirit and authentic beauty of New York City from the discerning perspective of award-winning and internationally-published NYC photographer Sascha Reinking! Sascha has been working as a professional photographer and architect in the city of New York for over ten years and is ready to show you exactly what it takes to Capture the City in his latest offering: a guided tour that will take your love of the city and the art of photography to the next level.

Once everyone has gotten to know each other, Sascha will make sure that you are comfortable with your camera’s settings and give you invaluable advice on lighting, contrast, composition and detail. Then you will be ready to begin your journey off the beaten path and into some of the lesser-known areas of the city. Throughout the tour you will continue to receive priceless photography tips as Sascha customizes endless viewpoints from behind your lens in some of the most unique and intriguing locations the city has to offer. Your memories will come alive every time you reflect back on the pictures you captured while seeing the busy streets, historical architecture, faces of the city, landmark theaters, inspirational cityscapes and the lights of the night.

Photo-Tours of New York City start at Grand Central Terminal (87 E 42nd Street | New York, NY | 10017) and are available 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Please CONTACT Sascha to book your personalized tour.